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Design in glass-Commissions

Looking for a window that takes your breath away every morning? Stunning reflections of color in your home as the sun begins to set? An office, synagogue, or church that calls out for something of overwhelming beauty and meaning? 


It is my greatest joy to work with my clients so as to find the ideal design, and make a window, door, lamp shade, of their dreams. Take a look at all the original designs I’ve created – all with my own hands – in full consultation with my clients. If you like what you see – get in touch and we can get to work!

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How does a commission work?

We meet! (Of course these days Zoom is fine…) 


We look at the space where you’d like the work to live (I believe in making sure the art fits its surroundings). Together we talk through design ideas, your preferences, colors. We gather the exact measurements.


On agreeing  a price, I send over a first draft of a design (or a choice of drafts, depending on how far we’ve got in our initial chats) and we go back and forwards a few times until we get it exactly right.

For requests and reservations contact us

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon

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